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5th Annual Safety in Spine Surgery

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What are the three critical components of an effective patient safety system?

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What is the impact of a multidisciplinary spine surgery indications conference on surgical decision making?

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Which of the following is not a reason to consider a 2-stage approach to a complex spinal deformity:

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The Type 3 Spinal Cord Classification from an Axial MRI exam is best noted as:

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All of the following are examples of neuromonitoring user error, except:

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The “Two-Challenge Rule” has been developed to promote clear and open lines of communication. Which of these is a feature of the “Two-Challenge Rule”?

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Which of the following factors was NOT discussed as a barrier to creating multi-disciplinary pre-op conferences?

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What regulatory pathways are available for marketing of a medical device in the United States:

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What is the rate of complications in spine surgery cited by Dr. Vitale?

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After a direct concussive injury to the spinal cord, how long before return to OR is appropriate?

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Which of the following recommendations was discussed for approaching challenges in spine safety?

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Dr. Vitale said that the predictive ability for the risk severity scores developed for CP scoliosis and EOS are:

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EMG data shows when a surgeon places a pedicle screw using a standard manual screwdriver there is over 20% of maximum EMG activity (at risk for over use injury) of the following muscles:

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In order to get FDA approval, devices are classified in class 1, class 2, and class 3. Which of the following statements are correct for a class 2 device:

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What is the mean rate overall of complications in spinal surgery cited by Dr. Brodano?

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Select the one factor the Surgeon does not control in jury verdicts.

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