Yongjung (Jay) Kim

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Yongjung (Jay) Kim, MD, specializes in the treatment of spinal disorders in adults and children, including scoliosis, kyphosis, sagittal or coronal imbalances, arthritis, trauma, tumor, instability, and degenerative conditions. Each personalized treatment plan, which is informed by the most accurate diagnostic tests, is aimed at minimizing the use of invasive techniques to achieve maximum mobility without pain. Dr. Kim, a prolific writer and researcher, was a Research Scholar at Washington University School of Medicine’s Spinal deformity Service from 2000-2006. He has won numerous honors and awards from the Scoliosis Research Society and Cervical Spine Research Society, written more than 60 peer-reviewed publications, and co-authored 13 book chapters. Dr. Kim has given over 170 presentations at national and international meetings since 2000 and has been a guest lecturer more than 40 times in Scotland, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, the United States, and Korea since 2005.