Thank you for participating in Safety in Spine Surgery Month! We closed out the month with an excellent April 29 webinar on Leveraging the Team to Make Spine Surgery Safer. The replay will be available on our website next week.

Our last week of safety videos included some outstanding content & practical tips. We heard from:

  • Dr. Nicholas Fletcher on Mean Arterial Pressure Parameters
  • Dr. Sumeet Garg on Getting the Team on the Same Page
  • Dr. Jean-Pierre Mobasser on the Risks of K Wires and Guidewires in Spine Procedures
  • Dr. Michael Glotzbecker on Overcommunication
  • Dr. Massimo Balsano on his safety tips
  • Dr. Suken Shah on the Surgeon Performance Program
  • Dr. David Skaggs on Setting up Systems
  • Dr. Roger Härtl and Dr. Jacob Goldberg on Emergency Workflow Training

As always, you can review all these videos, plus our library of past talks, for free on the website.

We want to thank this week’s contributors, as well as this week’s partner organizations: SMISS, ISASS, SRS, Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation, and POSNA.

We hope you’ll join us for next year’s Safety in Spine Surgery Summit (Spring 2022 in New York).

View all this week’s videos here.